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Our Approach

Quality Workmanship + Customer Satisfaction = 1 Happy Customer

Our approach is to simply give the customer the finish product they want, from Stonehenge to cathedrals each person has a look they desire.  It starts with a budget which can be adjusted to accommodate the task at hand from material selection and size of the project to complexity and intricacy.  Once color, size, shape, design, style, and finish are selected you have a product unlike anyone else that says who you are.

From concept to construction, our focus is on combining the client’s design idea and our masonry expertise to produce a one of a kind result.  Because satisfaction is the utmost concern of Haggas Masonry, we are proactive in getting the design to the specifications and approval of all our clients before construction.


“Quality in workmanship has become our trademark.”

Let us collaborate with you to erect a unique piece of work for your home, business, or establishment.