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Our Work

Haggas Masonry has been a licensed and well respected masonry contractor since 1979, we specialize in custom masonry to fit each customers needs, from brick patios, fireplaces, summer kitchens, barbecues, natural and architectural stone to large commercial projects.  We pride ourselves on starting and finishing the project on time and keeping the job site clean each day;  quality in workmanship has become our trademark.

To get better acquainted with the work Haggas Masonry provides, you may view photo galleries of some of our Commercial, Residential, and Fireplace construction. Follow the links below to view the whole gallery.

Commercial Construction

From the intricate to the extensive blanket of details incorporated in commercial construction, Haggas Masonry has provided the necessary expertise and precision for every scale job.  Your building will be our work of pride.  With over 30 years of perfecting the art of timely, large scale block and brick work construction, the Haggas Masonry team delivers an unparalleled contracted service.

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Residential Construction

When it comes to the building of a house, our goal is to make it a home before it is built.  The extra precision and masonry know-how does not go unnoticed in the final product, so we make it a sole responsibility to treat each job accordingly.  From the CBS foundation to decorative brickwork, Haggas Masonry delivers only  a precise, and professional quality end result.

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Fireplace Construction

Fireplace construction is an art which has been a featured service of Haggas Masonry’s skilled craftsmanship for over 30 years as well. With the adaption of Florida style designs and functionality, the fireplace is more than just a device. It is a centerpiece in residences and buildings alike and can serve as a reflection of your lifestyle and taste.  From freestanding to traditional and pool and patio fireplaces, Our design and background can deliver the look and feel you want from your chimney, grill or smokestack.

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